This Press Kills Fascists Publishing about page
Anarcho Grow, Pura Vida in Costa Rica. This cover illustration by Leslie Lepere is an exotic parrots eye view of adventure in central america.

This Press Kills Fascists is proud to release T.A. Sedlak’s debut novel, Anarcho Grow, in early 2010.

Anarcho Grow  is a fast paced adventure story that makes people question their political and social beliefs, as well as the emotions they associate with words. It gives an intimate look inside Costa Rican society, as well as the human condition. The characters seem as alive as the readers themselves, and the reader is left to laugh, shudder, or even cry at their actions.

The protagonist, Ben Starosta, spent a summer of community development work in Quebrada Grande, a remote village. After college, he returns, deciding he can help the people more through his own program. He teaches them the way of guerrilla growing (clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation), and soon the community is prospering. With the influx of U.S. dollars, Ben hopes Quebrada Grande can flower into a community to rival the prosperity of Anarchist Catalonia of the last century. However, the C.I.A. catches wind, and soon they’re on his trail.

The reader is quickly catapulted into Costa Rica, where T.A. takes them to the white sand beaches of the western coast, the steamy rainforest lowlands, and the crisp cloud forests of the mountains. They’ll learn of the people and fauna of the country, what goes on in the infamous Hotel Del Rey, and, most importantly, the true meaning to Pura Vida. This Press Kills Fascists is excited to make Anarcho Grow  its first release.

illustrations from the book by Les LePere. One is a cannibis seed, the other is of a young plant.