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Photo portrait of Woody Guthrie. He's looking straight into the camera. He has his guitar straped on and he's leaning into it a little bit. On the body, near the bridge is written in large hand drawn letters: THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS.

This Press Kills Fascists is a publishing company started by author T.A. Sedlak in 2009. Following in the footsteps of Mark Twain, James Joyce, Bernard Shaw, and Virginia Wolff, among others, T.A. chose to go the route of self-publishing. Unlike those named, T.A., however, chose self-publishing for his debut work, Anarcho Grow. To promote a work of literature properly, one has to care a great deal about it, and no one cares about their work more than the author.

When thinking of a name for his company, T.A. turned to one of his favorite poets, Woody Guthrie, the traveling troubadour of social justice. “A folk song is what’s wrong and how to fix it or it could be,” said Woody. Not all art need be political, however, but is essential that much is. Woody Guthrie wrote two novels, one hundred seventy four columns for People’s World (a socialist paper), nearly 3,000 songs, and countless unpublished letters, poems, and prose. Enough of that work was political that he became an icon for social change. This Press Kills Fascists guarantees that its books will be about “what’s wrong and how to fix it.” A press dedicated to social change as Guthrie was.

This Press Kills Fascists promises to publish works that bleed social and political change, the kind that Woody would stand behind. It also promises to promote them in a way the works deserve, a way the author would be proud of.

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